The HunHelp food programme was initiated by a group of volunteers and activists when we saw that Ukrainian refugees in the Hungarian regions were not receiving any or enough help.

Unfortunately, even in a city as big as Budapest, a humanitarian disaster is unfolding before our eyes. We see hungry families who don't understand how to survive. We realized that sending out food certificates was a quick and effective way to help.

The requests for help are only increasing. We now have over a thousand applications. And we have considerably less money. Volunteers work on HunHelp in their spare time and try to process all applications as quickly as possible.

Our friend LEXIS
For corporate sponsors and for 'big' negotiations, we work through the Lexis Foundation.

This is an amazing organization that started working in the early days of the war. The leader of Lexis is Tatiana Vamos. Tatiana is in a unique position because she is both Ukrainian and Hungarian. This helps her build bridges and work together with international and Hungarian organizations and donors to help refugees. Lexis depends on donations and the help from partners — same as us. But Lexis is registered as an NGO so people take them more seriously than a bunch of volunteers ;).

Over the past months Lexis grew into an indispensable organization which has been able to process more than 9000 requests for help.
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